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We offer a bespoke, keepsake service to preserve your memories.

Whether it be a Uniform Boo (your child's school uniform) or a Memorial Boo, (Loved one's special clothes), our extremely talented, local seamstresses use clothes that are unique and special to you to sensitively make precious, one-off items for your Big or Baby Boo.


How it works:

1) Get in touch - let us know what you have in mind & we'll send you a quote

2) Post us your clothes - wait 2 weeks

3) We'll design & miniaturise to fit Boo 

4) You'll receive your special items with a Boo (a display stand for Baby Boo can also be provided).


Rowan Uniforms are in stock and can now be purchased online, just click the Rowan Uniform button and select the type of uniform you would like from the drop down menu. Shrewsbury House can be made to order within two weeks. 

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