BIG BEDTIME BOO & stripy Pyjamas x 5 
BABY BEDTIME BOO & stripy Pyjamas x 5
Big BOO Outfits
Pink Pyjamas
Green Polka Dot Pyjamas x 2 
Red Polka Dot Pyjamas x 2 
Big BOO Superhero Boy
Big BOO Superhero Girl
Big Boo Rainbow Dress & T shirt 
Big BOO Pink Christmas Dress & Hat 
Big BOO Red Christmas Jumper & Trousers (EXCLUSIVE)
Big BOO Strawberry T Shirt (EXCLUSIVE)
Big BOO Christmas White Dress, Green Cardigan & Hat (EXCLUSIVE)
Big BOO Christmas Red Dress, White Scarf & Tiara (EXCLUSIVE)
Big Boy BOO Classic Outfit x 2 FREE
Baby BOO Outfits
Green Polka Dot Pyjamas x 2
Red Polka Dot Pyjamas x 2 
Baby BOO pink cardigan
Baby BOO cheeky dress
Baby BOO Adventure T shirt & Dungarees
Baby BOO Purple dress & Cardigan
Baby BOO Glam Dress and Polka dot trousers
Baby BOO Christmas Elf
Baby BOO Strawberry outfit 
Baby BOO Sailor dress
Baby BOO Red crochet hat 
Baby BOO Bobble hats (random colours) x 10 FREE
BIG BOO Lined Notebook  x 2 FREE
Baby BOO Leatherbound Notebook x 5 FREE
Baby BOO Sleeping Bag x 5 FREE
Bunny Tin Case FREE
Red Rucksack FREE
Bunny Suitcase  x 2 FREE




10 BOO BUNNIES included.

(The bunnies standing at the bottom present our EXCLUSIVE clothes).


The items marked EXCLUSIVE won't be found on the website or anywhere else.

As a Wholesaler you are entitled to 40% discount code on clothes and shoes, please email us:



How much fun would it be to work from home and earn a little bit on the side?


Or you could even share this lovely bundle with a friend or two.


The bunnies with their adorable clothes make the loveliest Christmas presents. There would be 10 presents in this bundle with at least 3 sets of clothes per bunny, plus accessories.



£650.00 Regular Price
£250.00Sale Price

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