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Handmade Bunny Clothes

Girl Stuff Animal Dolls & Boy Stuff Animal Dolls

Get Quality Girl Stuff and Boy Stuff Animal Dolls for Children of All Ages

We live in a modern world where everything is run by technology and plastic toys abound in the stores, so the founder of Oddboo started making Bunny Boo’s for her daughters. Once her daughters’ friends they wanted their own Boo Dolls and their parents saw the value and quality that the Girl Stuff Animal Dolls were made out of, they encouraged her to make more of the bunny dolls!
Each bunny that they make has its own charm which shows in every last detail. The Oddboo company’s motto is: To Encourage Children Away From Computers & Screens. We like to Support the local women, especially the mums! With that being said, as a company, we wanted to involve the children in the design process of our Boo’s and their outfits. Our Super Boo’s were designed by children. Yes, every Boo looks different. We love how the children love to dress them in different themed outfits, especially in pajamas for bedtime cuddles. They also like to write Oddboo stories, which they frequently share with us. These are one unique fabric dolls that anybody could fall in love with because they are cute as be. The Boy Stuff Animal Dolls and Girl Stuff Animal Dolls are 18” inches long. There are all different kinds of clothing for the bunnies - Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer clothes.
It’s been our priority to create handmade, quality fabric Girl Stuff Animal Dolls for the people of Rolvenden Kent UK and beyond. No matter your child’s age or what they’re into, these bunny dolls are sure to bring a smile to his or her face. Trust in Oddboo to bring you an adorable toy that is sure to become a family keepsake for a long time to come, in order to share with future generations.