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Handmade Bunny Clothes

Fabric Doll Shoes & 18 Inch Doll Clothing

Fabric Doll Shoes and 18 Inch Doll Clothing Make Great Accessories

Oddboo is a quality Rolvenden Kent UK company consisting of women from all over who design and craft fabric bunny dolls and various accessories for them, including Fabric Doll Shoes. In addition, these dolls come with 18 Inch Doll Clothing, and you also can purchase some outfits, raincoats and more separately. What a better way to make your child or grandchild smile, than to surprise them with a gift of a high quality cloth doll in the form of a bunny? Step back into a simpler time with these dolls that have been designed in a more traditional style. You’re sure to be pleased with the hard work that’s been put into the bunny doll you purchase.
The craftsmanship put into the Fabric Doll Shoes for these dolls is amazing. It takes more effort and skill you’d probably imagine to design these shoes that are so small and yet have a fair amount of detail. You can purchase trainers or boots for the doll, or you can just leave them in the plain slip-on shoes that most of them come with already. Oddboo has a wide assortment of themed dolls, including the Christmas Boo, Super Girl Boo, Surfer Boo, and Tooth Fairy Boo. The sweet fabric dolls come with 18 Inch Doll Clothing, and Oddboo sells a variety of these clothes that you can use to customize the doll and for more fun playtime experiences.
It will be a wonderful birthday celebration or Christmas day when you surprise your little one with a bunny fabric doll. Each of them is soft, cuddly, and great for play and bedtime. Buy a few to share with other children in your life, as well.