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A very warm welcome to Moomin’s:  

I'm Rosie, a farmers wife and mother of two beautiful children, Mollie ‘Moomin’ and Finley, whom are the inspiration behind Moomin’s.

Their boundless energy and wondourous imaginations are the beating heart of our family and coupled with our love for living and working in the magical Kent countryside. I hope you see that Moomin’s is able to offer a unique approach to your child’s special occasion. 

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.



We are very proud to introduce Yana Makaryina, from Vologda, Russia.

Yana is a mum of two, a teacher and a brilliant artist. On top of her very busy schedule, Yana creates amazing handmade bunnies and teddies. 

We will be selling Yana's beautiful works of art here in the Spring.

ODDBOO has one goal:

To Provide a high-quality, Smart & Sustainable Online Toy Shop. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future.

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ODDBOO is proud to introduce Esther Elzinga, fabric printer, printmaker and mum of 5, from Netherlands.

"There are two things I love most in my profession which are fabrics and printing. At an early age I was already in love with fabrics in various fashion designs, so for me it was a logical step to start my study at the fashion & design academy from which I graduated in high-fashion. My second love, printmaking, came at a later stage when we (me, my husband and our 5 children) moved from the Netherlands to Singapore for my husband’s work. I fell in love straight away with the beautiful batik prints that are so common in that region. I started experimenting with fabric printing right away. From potato printing to wood-carved prints and even rope-shaped stamps; I’ve tried them all. When I bumped into some carving-rubber I was hooked; I never stopped carving ever since" says Esther.

We will be selling Lovely Esther's beautiful prints in the shape of Totes and cards. Please subscribe & follow us below on our WORKING WOMEN journey!

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ODDBOO is proud to introduce talented Nassim Norouzi's beautiful artwork and designs for our lucky BOOs' labels and marketing. Nassim has been a professional illustrator of children's books since 2003 and has lectured on Illustration in University of Tehran. 

Nassim lives in Malaysia with her husband and works as a professional illustrator and designer.

To follow Nassim's amazing work, please visit:


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